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Patty Peterson is a gifted vocalist whose distinctive style and passionate singing has endeared her to many fans throughout the country. Inspired, her third solo CD is comprised of fifteen songs celebrating the essence of hope, faith, and love. Enjoy listening to this collection of extraordinary songs which will indeed leave you feeling inspired.


"These heartfelt and intimate songs resonate deep within me. I hope that they will touch and inspire you, as they do me."   - Patty Peterson


1   |   A Quiet Place
2   |   Eternal Life
3   |   Imagine
4   |   Peacegiver
5   |   Over The Rainbow
6   |   Home
7   |   Heart Of The Matter
8   |   Out There

9   |   The Lord's Prayer
10 |   If We Hold On Together
11 |  Smile
12 |  If You Want Me To
13 |  Psalm 23
14 |  Love Will Find A Way
15 |  On A Clear Day

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