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Count Your Blessings


"Gratitude... It's what happens when you 'Count Your Blessings'. It colors your entire world, even when things may not be easy. It changes the focus in the blink
of and eye, encompassing all that is surrounding you in the moment.  
Gratitude encourages you to go on. That is my truth."  - Patty Peterson 


I love Christmas. I love the way it feels to prepare my house for my loved ones to visit. I have an incredibly huge family, and we love to get together to, well, eat, but also, to play music.  In my work, I always find songs that touch people’s hearts.  This new Holiday CD is no different.  I have chosen songs that will convey my sentiments during the Holidays. Love, Blessings, Gratitude, and Family…. That’s me. I especially love the song my sister wrote for this CD called “I Am Thankful”, which includes a debut by my grandchildren. It speaks to the overwhelming love I feel on Christmas morning, and the gratitude I have for sharing it with my husband, my siblings, my children and my grandchildren. They truly make me sing from my heart, and for that, I am grateful. This Holiday CD is my living legacy. Something that is still here, long after I am gone.


Love and Blessings,

Patty Peterson   


1   |   Christmas Time is Here
2   |   I Wonder As I Wonder
3   |   Count Your Blessings
4   |   I Am Thankful
5   |   Winter Wonderland
6   |   Mary Did You Know
7   |   Christmas Medley:

         Silver & Gold
         It Must've Been the Mistletoe

         Christmas Waltz

8   |   Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

9   |   Home For The Holidays

         Happy Holidays 

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